The Desire System – How To Ignite Passion In Your Girlfriend…Or Any Woman For That Matter

If you’re reading this article, you already know what it’s like to be in a romantic relationship. Chances are, you’ve already caught the attention of a woman you’re extremely interested in.

You’ve already established a respectful and trusting relationship, and you may be contemplating the next logical step of turning her into your girlfriend. Maybe she’s even your girlfriend already.

But, something is missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but the relationship feels “off”. The overarching passion and attraction you felt for each other at the beginning of the relationship is waning, and you aren’t sure how to go about getting it back.

If you relate all too well to this situation, do not despair. All relationships have natural ebbs and flows, and a little cooling off is a normal thing.

That said, it is useful to understand how to rekindle the passion (or ignite it in the first place), and this article presents some tried and true methods to get the groove back into your love life. To learn how to turn a woman on in the fastest way possible so she feels whatever you want her to feel, read this post from about the Desire System:

What Are Some Reasons Passion Cools Off In Relationships?

There are several different reasons why the honeymoon phase of a new relationship tends to fade over time. These include:

1. Passion Addiction

This situation is characterized by individuals who only thrive during the passionate ‘honeymoon’ phase of the relationship. After the initial glow fades, these individuals quickly lose interest, give up on the relationship, and move on to the next thrill.

2. Fear Of Intimacy

A fear of intimacy is characterized by situations in which one partner is skilled at starting relationships, but who has a difficult time keeping them going because he or she pulls away as the relationship becomes more serious. Due to past failures in relationships or because they may have no real idea of how to nurture a romantic partnership, the passion they feel for their partner naturally fades over time and is not replaced.

3. Recognition Of A Limited Relationship

In this scenario, one partner or the other realizes certain issues exist that make a long-lasting bond either impossible or very unlikely. As the relationship grows more serious, the same issues that were overlooked or accepted during the initial attraction phase suddenly become deal-breakers. With no real possibility of a future together, the passion often fades quickly.

What Are Some Ways To Keep Passion And Desire Alive In Your Relationships?

Do not despair if you find yourself in a lackluster relationship. There are many ways for couples to keep their loving relationships fresh and crisp. If you want to experience more passion and desire with your love interest, try the following:

1. Do new things together

Humans are naturally creatures of habit and routine, and these daily patterns can soon become stale. By thinking out of the box and experiencing new things together on a regular basis, you keep the relationship fun and alive. And, yes, this means in the bedroom too!

2. Kiss each other on the mouth…a lot!

Kissing on the cheeks is well and good, but studies show a kiss on the mouth is passion’s foreplay. Don’t hold back and keep those make-out sessions alive.

3. Let your partner know they aren’t just cute to you; they are HOT to you!

4. Don’t spend every day and night together.

Spend some evenings apart, because the old adage ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is as true now as ever.

5. Learn how to create sexual tension.

Attraction and desire make a woman want you, but sexual tension makes a woman want you NOW.