How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Using My Smart Phone?

Did your boyfriend recently dump you?  Or maybe you dumped him, but then realized you still really love him and now you want him back.

Breakups are extremely painful, but don’t feel hopeless – feel hopeful.  Technology has dawned a new set of effective strategies you can use to re-spark his interest and make him want you again.

What am I referring to?  Smart phones.  And, more specifically, texting from your smart phone.

Now before you say, “Ugh.  I’ve already texted my ex boyfriend a thousand times, and he won’t respond. That isn’t going to work,” let me explain a little bit more about why texting is so effective when done correctly.

Texting gives you 24/7 access to your ex boyfriend.  That doesn’t mean you should text him 24/7.  It simply means a text can reach him just about anywhere at anytime, regardless of what he’s doing.  Even if he doesn’t respond to your messages, chances are he still looks at them.  And that gives you the perfect opportunity to start repairing the relationship, even if you’re the only one trying at first.

Text messages are also very discreet and won’t intrude on what your ex-boyfriend is doing.  For example, they won’t interrupt him like it would if you suddenly showed up at his place and made a big scene, while he was trying to hang out with his buddies.  Not to mention, text messaging is probably the BIGGEST way most people communicate in today’s modern age.  That makes it one of the quickest and most direct routes into a person’s heart and mind.

So if you’re currently wondering, “How can I get my ex boyfriend back?” then I strongly encourage you to consider text messaging as a way to reconnect.  But I do need you to heed a warning.

Text messaging is extremely effective, but it can also do more damage when you don’t do it correctly.  That’s why most people don’t get responses from their exes.  That’s why people feel like their ex drifts further and further away with each text they send.  If this is happening to you, then you’re probably sending the wrong types of texts, at the wrong time, in the wrong order, etc.

Texting your ex back is a process.  There isn’t one single text you can send that magically makes everything better.  But the right texts slowly re-open the lines of communication and gradually build positive rapport.  They help you turn your ex-boyfriend’s negative emotions into positive ones, so he slowly starts to see you again as the person he first fell in love with.

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